Staying Playful

a photo of creative playfulness.

There is a common belief that playfulness is frivolous. Creatives can be some of the most serious of people and it’s our focus and determination that gets the work done. Isn’t it? Maybe there is more…I would like to suggest that our ability to play in our work, with our work, and instead of work holds dimensions of breakthrough we need. How hard is it for a kid to come up with creative ideas? How easy is it for you to come up with creative barriers? Now the amount that an adult actually creates may seem more, but I would like to suggest a return to our youth, will refresh our careers and creativity. Some practical advice is to keep toys, balls, playful items around you when you work. Take some breaks between tasks and get serious about playing. Get some objects around you like a bouncy ball, rubber bands, crayons, anything that helps you connect to your child-likeness. Play creative games with your self, like how many inventions can you think up, draw up in three minutes. Really take three minutes and do it! What other ideas can you think of?

Written by Jame Thomas Canali


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