The Myth of Being Self Taught

a photo of kids teaching kids

I recently was reading a blog from Chris Guillebeau’s on destiny, influence, and the impossibility of being self-taught. This stirred some thoughts on the creative and learning process. First read an excerpt from Chris:

1. Self-Taught

Back when I played music I used to say I was self-taught, because I never went to music school or took lessons. But then someone corrected me: “Really, you taught yourself everything?” he said.

“You never listened to other people’s music?” he continued. “No one ever showed you something? You never asked for help? You didn’t steal your early ideas from other musicians, like all musicians do?”

I got the point: I may have lacked formal education, but I benefited from those who had gone before. One way or another, I had learned from my peers. And after that experience, I stopped saying I was self-taught.

This impossibility of being self-taught is more of a myth than we realize. I think our education has everything to do with honoring. It has to do with being child-like, in the sense of allowing people, God, the world to have a voice and influence in our lives. In the end we still need to be the ones who can make powerful decisions for our life but that follows the learning process. This concept of honor is important to start grasping as we learn what it means to be entrepreneurs and innovators  and transition out of some of the traditional educational systems. (More on this in a later blog).

a photo of the learning process

When we honor other’s we receive the fruit of the thing we honor. Whether it be their gifts, their messages, or their skills, we receive fruit from that which we hold in high regard. In the past we to often divide over minor differences, and only connect with those who agree with our way of thinking, and living. What would it look like if we honored those around us, regardless of differences? What would expand in our culture, education, spirituality? 🙂

The keys of our education are in the depths of our honor.


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