The Influence of the Introvert

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The influence of the introvert! Influence and Introvert, interested? As we rethink what it means to be a creator, and gain momentum in our creative process and find our creative voices I would like to suggest to all of you reading that we need to explore introversion. Our culture in the past has said you are either one an extrovert or two an introvert. Extroverts usually are people who are the popular ones and thrive in public and introverts keep to themselves, and stereotypically are shy and socially awkward. Anyone relate?

It's Time to REFORM!

What if we explore both introversion and extraversion and glean from the beauty and power of each?

Introverts, you have a VOICE. You are powerful. And you each have a creative message within you.

Let’s all put our learning hats on and take in the lessons of what introversion really is, and why we all need it in our daily grind. Introversion, was defined as keeping to yourself by pop-culture, but let’s take a look behind the scenes.

Introversion is a place for us to discover the gift of meditation, the ability to dream and the untapped potential of our imagination.  What if we could train ourselves to develop introversion? What if breakthrough in innovation in a realm of culture or a world changing idea is just a thought away? What if we stood back from passionate debates for a moment to really consider how we feel? What we are thinking? Brain storm (meditate on, and dream) possible solutions to the world’s deep chaos and destruction? Day dreaming is another thing we need to take back in our culture and as we explore our personal introversion we will find ourselves day dreaming, wild dreams! Those who seem to have their head in the clouds, might be the next Einstein, Roosevelt, Lincoln, Churchill, Mandela, or Guevara!

Share in the comment section about what it looks like to start a quiet reformation in your day and city?

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Below is a link to a 20 minute TED TALK on the Power of Introverts by Susan Cain,  I highly recommend watching this, Susan Cain: The power of introverts.

More on Introverts and Extraverts read, Wikipedia Introvert and Extrovert.


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