Creative ACTion: Overcoming the Fear to Create (The Beginning of your Personal Expression)

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Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action. ~Benjamin Disraeli, former British Prime Minister

I was recently reading Tim Ferris’s The 4-Hour Workweek when i came across this quote. And it brings me to my new series of blogs on creative action for the non creatives. Your not a creative, or a artist as long as you don’t do any creative actions. Many people wouldn’t consider themselves creative because they don’t do what culture says is creative work. However, from problem solving, to parenting, to writing books you can be incredibly creative.

The first question you need to ask yourself is,

What is the fear that makes me so uncertain to create?

Name the thing that is rearing it’s head when you think of artistic or creative expression.

Once we break-free from the lies and assumptions that blockade us from our creative designs and destinies our next series of questions should be concerning how we can actually be creative in our day, with our current lifestyle (i.e. mothering, fathering, leading a team of individuals, running your own business, starting your art career, being a full time student, working over time, ect).

Where to begin? Over the next month as this blog series is produced and conversations develop we will be aiming to answer these questions:

1. What are the Creative Fears that hinder us? “Conquering Fear = Defining Fear”

2. What are expressions that excite us? (problem solving, cooking, parenting, painting, skateboarding, ect)

3. What are ways I can capture my expression and share it with those who have similar interests? What can I add that’s unique or needed to my tribe of people about this expression? [Discovering the market for the thing you love, and finding how you can make a living out of a cultural need].

4. How can I help others with my skills, passions, expressions? (i.e. make the world a better place while you color in and out of the lines of tradition…yes, your paintings can feed people in africa, and it’s important you keep finding an outlet for your creativity).

For now take time to practice naming the fears that make you uncertain. Use this acrynoym to accomplisht the feat of overcoming that named fear.


A: Acknowledge you have been afraid, name why you have been afraid, and acknowledge what your expression is that you are taking back.

C: Create just five to ten minutes a day sit and create. This will help form the habit that you have allowed to be diminished in the shadow of fear (fear is always just a shadow that proves the sunshine of who we are).

T: Tell a friend about this, and have them start a habit to create everyday for 5-10 minutes.

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Please write your responses in the comment section!

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