Using Anger as Constructive Fuel


What images come to mind when you think of anger?

Do you think of violence?

People hurting one another?

Uncontrolled emotion?

What if anger was healing? or led to healing?

What if anger was positive? and Constructive?

What if it was divine?


Our anger is often confused and stored in our body, our mind, our emotions, and it’s kept a prisoner.  I find that anger is the fuel of many inspirational people, people with a warrior and fighter spirit in them, they use anger to find peace and it propels them deeper into their purpose.


Anger is common in all humans: wicked, mean, violent, nice, peaceful, helpful people all have felt anger. Anger is stereotypically considered an evil sin in our western, white christian culture, and in the east it is simply detached from for some higher elevated spiritual emotion.


What do you think one should do with anger?

 Rosa Parks

When I think of revolutionaries (Albert Einstein, William Wallace, Rosa Parks, MLK Jr, Gandhi, Jesus) , imaginative, cultural, scientific and spiritual people I think that they all had a deep anger against an injustice. This anger towards injustice gave their calling an edge. Too often we seek enlightenment on our calling and destiny in some spiritual revelation but what makes you angry can very well point to your path and battlefield.


Learning to circumvent situations that are hostile or in the midst of a culture of chaos that fuels anger to take control of our emotions can be very challenging. Finding peace and joy admisdt troubling times should not be looked down upon, at the same time, letting anger come through us is very important to our overcoming adversity and bringing a contribution to our world.


What makes you angry? — comment below…


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