Creative Coaching

Creative Coaching

Every athlete needs a coach, someone to cheer them on! We need someone to look up to for guidance and direction. We definitely a that kick in the butt to push through the pain and finish well. If a athlete needs a encouragement, guidance, and a kick in the pants how much more do artists need a coach?!

Artists have often been depicted as a financially and emotionally unstable group of people. However this is far from the truth, and I look to help you structure your daily life whether you are working a full time job, have kids, or think you have no time for creativity, or way too much time you don’t know what to do with. Whatever the case I will help you grow in your creative and life skills to consistently create day after day.

Creative coaching is tailored made for each individual artist and entrepreneur to help you develop the structure to grow and sustain your skills and artistic craft. I will help you set goals to grow in your expression in multiple dimensions, and help connect you to other professionals in your field.

Ask yourself how valuable it is for you to be sustainably creative in your daily life. If this registers as very important please fill contact me for a coaching session.

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50$ per hour
Price may vary discussed at consultation.
Students and Low Income 15$/ hour.
Part Time Job/ Entrepreneur Team Discount 25$ per hour: Find out more about being part of the Canali Studio Entrepreneurial Team by contacting Jimmy at:

email/ messenger guy

**$10 off if you help promote and sell Canali Studio Products Services.
***Interested in bigger discounts and even making money! We would love to invite you to help through selling artwork, and assisting with video production at events.

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