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A Creative Activation to Inner Refreshment!

I Jimmy, paint 64 oz glass jars. Lots of them. My friends call them grace jars after the definition of what grace rightly means, “coming under the divine influence.” So every time they drink from their “grace” jar they are reminding themselves to come in and under that divine influence of grace.

My heart with painting these jars is to help people connect their inner lives to creativity and refreshment for their body and soul. Using expressive artwork as the bridge, I want to make it easy for everyone to remind themselves of who they are no matter where they are. Whether in school, in a business meeting, at home with kids, my hope is that everyone would have the opportunity to experience through creativity a inner refreshment. Through the expressions that are tailored made to fit each persons journey and walk of life,  my hope is to engage the senses so that as someone drinks from their “grace jar” they are overwhelmed with their true identity and purpose.

Whoever you are, I love you, and want to help you find your expression and connection to your personal creativity.

Jars are based at a price of $40 per jar. Prices vary and are determined at consultation and location.

interactive art

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This is a series of grace jars displays expressionist designs. I was inspired by Emil Nolde, Katarina Niksic, Wassily Kandinsky, and others. From splatter, to the abstract, into ecstatic colors these grace jars carry life, story and his­tory, com­mu­ni­cat­ing in rhythm, vibrancy, the moods, and expres­sions of your creativity.

Spiritual Portrait Grace Jars, prophetic artwork

This series of grace jars cap­tures the personal jour­ney of indi­vid­u­als. Express­ing their unique per­spec­tives, sounds, col­ors, and brings tex­ture to their prophetic/ future destiny.

creative art gifts and creative activators

This is a series of grace jars etched with the ancient sym­bols of culture! These are sym­bols loaded with energy and story. These grace jars serve as reminders that lead us into the mys­tery and childlikeness, embracing the unknown and all it’s possibilites.

To order Grace Jars, email Jimmy at:

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What I need to know?

  • How many Grace Jars are you ordering?
  • Who are they for?
  • Specifics on color, theme, style, symbols, images, ect.

I will then contact you and we can discuss shipping details and pricing. The base price for jars is $40. Because of the volume of jars ordered it takes about 4-6 weeks to get a jar. You can always rush an order and get it within 1-2 weeks the jar will be $60 plus shipping and handling.

For added touch to your jar get a cork lid for $5!

a photo of Cork Lids!