Start A Business In A Day!

Start A Business in A Day!

Kickstart your very own business in a day and start living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Results from running your own business:

  • Step into new levels of creativity, leadership, management and organization.
  • Forerun a new way of education and making a living for you, your family, and your  community.
  • Create products of value that empowers others.
  • Travel Internationally.
  • Work from anywhere, anytime.

With that in mind, Canali Studios offers a kickstarting business package in four phases.

Phase 1: Dreaming

  • Ecstatic Studios will help you connect to your dreams, passions, desires and skills and find valuable uses for them that helps your community and culture. In this phase we are helping you realize your potential and see new ways of making a living. I (Jimmy Canali) will open up you up to creative thinking techniques and ways of connecting consistently to inspiration.

Phase 2: Building a Platform

  • In this phase I am helping you connect to your community and specifically the people who will value your products and services. We all have unique gifts, quirky passions, and specific skills, sometimes we just need someone to show us that what we have has place in the world we live in. The value inside of each of us is vast, and far reaching and I want to help reveal what’s inside you and connect it to a specific niche of people who need what you have to offer. In this phase I will help build you websites, launch events and get the necessary materials to get your business launched. I also offer training in web design during this phase as well as video production.

Phase 3: Lateral Action and Becoming Sustainably and Consistently Creative

  • In this phase I am gonna help you find the structure of organization, workflow, and creative process that suits you. My aim is to give you an idea of how much resistance, and distraction you are gonna initially come up against and how to push through it. I will coach you in time management, breaking down multiple projects and setting priorities for your work day. We will help you incubate your ideas, innovations, and teach on the need for rest, play, and meditation in your workflow. Phase 3 is all about empowering you with the necessary mindsets and structures to be creative and get work done on a consistent basis.

Phase 4: Promote and Polish

  • This phase is about fine tuning, polishing, and becoming professional in your craft and career. Ecstatic Studios offers cutting edge promotional videography and photography to help promote your products and services. I will also help you connect to other professionals in your field and other community business’s, as well as life coaches. We can’t do it all but we will teach you the ropes of being an educated entrepreneur and how to have an attitude of being a life long learner, being persistant in all things and professional in every area.

To summarize, I wil help you connect your dreams and desires to making value for others, in products and services. I will show you the ropes of building a community and not just a business. How in the long run you can have something that is bigger than a business, you can start a movement that impacts and imparts knowledge and skills to those you are helping. 

Interested email Jimmy at:

email/ messenger guy

It takes about 30 days to see deliverables in your business. However this will depend on the service and product you are interested in selling.

BIO: These sessions are run by Jimmy Canali. Jimmy is a emerging entrepreneur, and runs a video production and expression art business. Jimmy has experience in leading and empowering others to connect to their creative side and put it into action. Jimmy has spoken and interacted with a variety of people in USA, Canada, and Europe.

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