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This is a page dedicated to updates for the Young Life Community. I will post links, updates, ideas, discussion points here. (update coming by end of week)

Excited to be on this creative journey with you all. Look forward to redefinning what creativity is! It is so much more than painting, and crafts, it’s problem solving on the battlefields of life.

Below are the three workshops Freedom to Express, The Core of Discovery, & Trailblazer, that I run in addition to some specific creative adventures that we could do.

Specific Creative Adventures

  • Video Production and Post Production training sessions with students and leaders. Teaching them the power of story through the video medium. Studying film, and learning the ropes of videography. Taking inspiring trips to local city hotspots and landscape hotspots in Colorado wilderness. [Specific editing software: IMovie and Final Cut Pro X]
  • Photography and Blogs: Taking destination trips in the city and surrounding areas to photograph God’s creation. Also learning the powerful platforms with online media and wordpress websites for posting photographic artwork.
  • Create in the Park: Taking art supplies and having a big creative festival at a park.
  • Platforms and Tribes (Web Design Lessons): Learning the foundation of building your marketplace and starting a tribe by developing skills to build wordpress websites.
  • Hiking and Adventure Trip: These trips would range from day hikes to week trips where we would explore our gifts as creatives and take in the adventure and beauty of life. The wilderness and God’s creation would be our inspiration as we engaged in community and spirituality, meeting students and leaders where they are at, and empowering them to become problem solvers, embrace conflict, and connect with God in daily life.
  • Hunting and Fishing Trips: Yeehaw! Bringing the creative process into the masculine realm of hunting and fishing. Taking father and sons, mentors and students on trips where the outdoor world becomes the learning platform for younger and older men. This would be a time of initiation, teaching, and fun!

Workshop Prices:

  • One on one coaching: Starts at 25$ per Session [1 hour]
  • For Leader and Student: Starts at 40$ [1 hour]
  • Community Creative Session: $75/ Student Session [2.5-3 hours]
  • Community Creative Session: $125/ Adult Session [2.5-3 hours]
  • Plus Travel and Materials

Freedom to Express

This is a great starting place for your creative adventure. The heart of these workshops is transformation! The focus will be on identity, individual value, emotional freedom, building confidence, building community, and creative relationships.

Objective: The objective here is to give students and leaders a hands on experience of knowing that their design is valuable. The creativity process begins with knowing we are valuable and that we have a voice.

Content & Discussion

  •  Overcomer’s: We will focus on the lives of those who have overcome adversity and impacted the world around them.  e.g. Nick Vujicic, Gillian Lynne, and more.
  • Identity: We will journey through scripture & history to discover our design. We will explore who we are and see the God whose image we are made in.
  • Creation: We will explore the creation story and God’s creative process and principles.
  • Fear and Faith: We will discuss our personal fears and beliefs.


  • Play: We will take a childlike spirit of play into the creative process, realizing it’s the same thing God did when He made the world.
  • Freedom: We will find freedom from the lies and agreements we have made that diminish who we are.
  • Value: We will journey into understanding how valuable we are.
  • Overcoming Fears: We will become aware of our fears, and disarm them through creative expression.

Note: Everything is hands-on, and focused on developing community and freedom to express.


The Core of Discovery

This creative adventure is based off the concepts of Lewis and Clark’s journey west. Their team was called the Core of Discovery and they would set out to find (explore, and map) the western pass to the Pacific Ocean.

This creative workshop is about discovering our gifts and exploring the variety of creative expressions.

Objective: This creative adventure will explore our personal and community design through a diversity of artistic and creative expressions.

Content & Discussion

  • Ancient Paths: Participants will get perspective on the different expressions seen throughout history. The goal is to see art, church, american and world history in light of the creative spirit of God.
  • Cultural Paradigms: We will discuss how our world views creativity? Expression? Spirituality? Art?
  • Define: We will redefine our culture, creativity, artistic expression.


  • Risk: Creative prompts empowering students to break into new creative expressions. Helping students and leaders risk in the security of who they are in Jesus and a loving community.
  • Dream: I will be Leading a time to dream of what creativity looks like for each individual, the community, and their city.
  • Creative Encouragement: I will be teaching and training students and leaders to use creative expression to encourage others.
  • Exploring Expressions: Time of exploring specific art mediums from expression to realism painting, watercolor, drawing, dancing, poetry, photography, videography, and so much more.


This module is formed for students and leaders wanting to find direction and develop deeper in their creativity. This creative adventure will focus on giving students and leaders creative direction for their dreams, and the skills and principles to walk it out!

These workshops will leave students and leaders with practices and skills to help them embrace being creative in the conflicts of daily life.

Objective: To take students and leaders into their creative dreams!

Content & Discussion

  • Legacy: Introducing the lives of some of the great problem solvers, creatives and innovators who have gone before us.
  • Creative Solutions: We will discuss the principles of scripture and the diversity of ways we can solve problems and thrive in the conflicts of life.
  • Finding creative direction for individuals and community.
  • Awareness: I will lead a time to recognize problems in personal, community and city life.


  • Grow: I will lead community and individuals into growing in creative and artistic skills necessary for their creative dreams.
  • Creative Solutions: I will lead students in exercises to develop creative and contemplative problem solving skills. Finding specific strategy to get breakthrough in problem/crisis area in personal life and city life.
  • Direction: Map out a specific path to attain goals for artistic and creative dreams.
  • Collaborate: We will reach out and connect with the creatives in our field.

Freedom to Express

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 10.05.52 AM


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